Of late, I have been spending more and more time off YouTube/Facebook and pursuing more concrete interests. A bit more on each below.


I have a distinct and not completely rational fascination with urban landscapes, though I now mostly take photos when traveling. My 500px profile has some of my photos.

What's new here: Some photos featured publicly on Chromecasts!


I have been very interested in studying foreign languages since high school, when I first discovered French. Since, I have formally studied Spanish and Russian and Swahili, and am fairly active on Duolingo, which has to be my favorite website.

As an aside, if you can read IPA, my name's pronunciation is close to /ˈraːghəv ˈgʊptaː/.

What's new here:


While the piano is something I was exposed to during high school, I never got the chance to formally learn until at Stanford. There, I took lessons from Timothy Zerlang, and am continuing with Ai Noguchi at the CSMA.

What's new here: Got a theremin.


Anything but fantasy, bonus points for not being in English. No TV series either.

Movies I've liked recently would include A Separation and Timbuktu.